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Maryland's Eastern Shore


Hear from some INNER VOICE ORGANIZING clients:

“To me there's no question how valuable this work is.  You're not just
cleaning up or even organizing, -- you're bringing to the surface a whole new vision of order and usefulness and beauty and purpose.  And that
value can hardly be measured!”

“I love what we accomplished in my office, and I feel the change is
dramatic.  I would so love to keep doing more and more of this with you,
over time.” 

“I can't tell you enough how much you bless and enrich my family. Truly,
when you left, I felt that the tone of our whole home environment had
been bettered and lifted up.”

“Here's another great thing that's happened:  I no longer feel impossibly
buried.  I feel that you dug me out enough so that I'm beginning to see a magnificent light of order and caught-up-ness. (There must be a real word for that).”

“I'm so glad your trip home was harmony-in-the-midst-of-chaos (referring
to a 3-hour wait on the airplane)-- that's certainly what your whole time
here expressed as well as brought forth! I'd say that indicates something
about your clarity on the deeper purposes of this work. A clarity for which I'm very grateful every time I walk into my wonderful new office!  It's my favorite room in the house now!”

“The room is so transformed... Thank you again for all your love and energy. Truly a wonderful gift to us.”

"The transformation of my apartment is deep, and I am so grateful…my joy is vibrant about this new setting.  I’ve ‘moved’!”

“You tackled an extremely complicated job with such mastery…you did 
magic in four days.”

    Inner Voice Organizing                         
    Heather A. Woodman, M.S.                  

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